Is Tumblr Passing Twitter As the Hub for Social TV?

By Natan Edelsburg 

tumblr_logotype_white_blue_512Lost Remote has known for awhile how important TV has been to Tumblr. Now the platform (that was acquired by Yahoo! nearly a year ago), has released it’s first social-TV study in partnership with Pulsar, “a new breed of social intelligence platform that’s re-inventing social media monitoring (TRAC), customer service (FLOW) and enterprise collaboration (TEAM).” The study does a great deal to show how important Tumblr is in the social TV space and establishes the platform as the essential space for TV networks and advertisers. 

From Nickeldeon’s Korra Nation, to HBO’s Game of Thrones we’ve watched Tumblr communities for TV shows thrive with engagement. Now this new study is saying that there is actually more social TV activity on Tumblr than Twitter. This study comes just a week after The New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is also “looking for series that are ready to launch and don’t require a lot of development.” While this report and that development are of course not directly tied, it’s clear that Yahoo! and Tumblr are now more dedicated than ever to the TV ecosystem. We’re excited to watch this unfold.



Here are highlights from the study.

  • The conversation around TV is larger and lasts longer on Tumblr than Twitter. 

    • 70% of TV-related mentions pertaining to shows in study occured on Tumblr
    • Tumblr buzz rises in anticipation toward a show’s airtime and continues to increase in the hours and days thereafter.
      • Like Twitter, TV-related conversations are happening on Tumblr in real-time, but engagement on Tumblr peaks (31% increase) one hour after a show has aired. In contrast, Twitter exhibits a peak at airtime and declines immediately in the 1-2 hours after.
    • Engagement on Tumblr sustains at an increased level for days after the show has aired.
    • Advertising window is longer on Tumblr (i.e. Nielsen Live+3 Ratings)
  • On Tumblr, fans immerse themselves in their show’s universe, create their own narratives, and advocate for the show.

    • 71% of Tumblr TV interactions are driven by behaviors related to storytelling, creativity and community.
    • Tumblr not about checkins, but expanding a 30-60 minute episode into a week-long conversation.
    • For all shows, the majority of posts are reblogs, driving huge distribution across the network.