Shark Month: Bitefest Returns This Summer on Tubi

By Jessica Lerner 

Take a bite out of this.

The fan-favorite summer event Shark Month: Bitefest is back on Tubi this August, and it’s full of action-packed, heart-pumping content.

Shark Bait, a Tubi original film that premieres on Aug. 1, will serve as the official start of the celebration for shark enthusiasts. The film follows a group of friends whose weekend goes wrong when they are attacked by underwater predators.


Then, on Aug. 12, Tubi original sci-fi thriller Shark Side of the Moon will debut from The Asylum, who brought fans the cult-favorite Sharknado franchise.

In addition to the two new Tubi originals, there will be more than 70 films to streaming. Titles include the four installments from the Jaws’ franchise, Swim, Swamp Shark, Dark Waters, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda and documentaries Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait, Saving Jaws and Shark Land.

Tubi’s Shark Month: Bitefest isn’t alone in capitalizing on the “sharksploitation” film subgenre, though other programming takes a more academic approach. Discovery’s decades-long perennial Shark Week, hosted this year by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, will run July 24 through July 30 on the Discovery Channel and Discovery+, while National Geographic’s SharkFest, four weeks of 60 hours of “enhanced” programming and around 30 hours of new content started July 10 and runs on Nat Geo and streamers Disney+ and Hulu, among others.