Trevor Noah’s Debut Drives Positive Engagement

By Karen Fratti 

People like Trevor Noah as the new Daily Show host, according to Amobee Brand Intelligence. When Noah was announced as the new host of the show, he took a bit of a beating, and Jon Stewart is not an easy act to follow. But thanks to Viacom’s marketing push, it looks like he’ll fare pretty well. Amobee Brand Intelligence analyzed social media outlets to measure sentiment and consumption around the new host leading up to and during last night’s premiere:

Tweet Volume around Trevor Noah’s First Episode

  • The Daily Show: 13,599 tweets
  • Trevor Noah: 10,881 tweets
  • #DailyShow: 7,560 tweets
  • #TheDailyShow: 2,790 tweets
  • #TrevorNoah: 891 tweets
  • #TrevorNoahDay: 297 tweets
  • #TDSWTN: 261 tweets

Context Around the Consumption

  • In the two hours after the show, until 1 a.m. ET, there were 36,279 tweets around the Daily Show and sentiment was 38 percent positive, 54 percent neutral, and 8 percent negative.
  • By comparison, in the two hours after Stephen Colbert’s Late Show premiere, there were 73,467 tweets. Given Colbert’s name recognition, it speaks to Comedy Central’s marketing and promotion of the new host.
  • Noah’s joke that landed the hardest appears to be using the analogy of Jon Stewart being the dad who left and of Noah being the new, black step-dad. There were 2,112 The Daily Show related tweets that mentioned “Step Dad” or “New Step Dad.”
  • Of the various Jon Stewart protégées that are either hosting talk shows or about to, Noah is generating the third most interest in the last three months. Between June 29 – Sept. 29, Stephen Colbert had the most digital content engagement around him, with John Oliver having 39 percent digital content engagement as Colbert, and Trevor Noah having 19 percent as much digital content engagement as Colbert. Larry Wilmore had 6 percent as much digital content engagement as Colbert in the same time period, with Samantha Bee accounting for 3 percent as much digital content engagement as Colbert.