Tragedy and Triumph Drive This Week’s Top 5 Viral TV Clips on 5by

By Adam Flomenbaum 

5byIn this week’s installment of our partnership with 5by, the video discovery and messaging platform that curates the web’s best viral videos, we take a look at the top five videos of the week from the platform’s TV category. For background on the videos selected, Theo Tabah, 5by’s Head of Content:

Jimmy Fallon makes a triumphant return to late night, challenging Liam Neeson to an arm wrestle filled with hilarious banter and unscripted laughter. He also discovers he could have dated the beautiful Nicole Kidman several years ago, and blew it by playing video games and essentially ignoring her while she visited his NYC apartment. Way to go Jimmy…

Season 5 of Portlandia started last night, and if you’re a fan of SNL, you’ll love this show. The trailer says it all.


On a more serious note, tragedy struck France this week when Charlie Hebdo, the satirical weekly newspaper, known for speaking their mind, fell victim to a horrific attack. Conan takes a minute to speak out in a tasteful and honest monologue before his show earlier this week.

SportsCenter lost one of its most beloved members recently. In a long battle with cancer, Stuart Scott left us, and his coworkers pay homage to him (as did many others), reminding us what Stuart stood for, and of his views on battling illness.