Top five reasons to attend #TVnext 2012

By Natan Edelsburg 

While I’ve yet to hear an agency present itself solely as a social TV shop, Hill Holliday has definitely built itself an impressive backbone of thought leadership in the space through the work of Mike Proulx and Stacey Shepatin who authored a brand new Social TV Book, that’s coming out soon. Proulx led a case study panel at the Social TV Summit and is now gearing up to produce his company’s second annual social TV event, #TVnext 2012.

The early bird special ($299) to attend the February 27th event at Boston’s Institue of Contemporary Arts ends Friday. Included in the fee is a copy of the new book, the first ever dedicated to the subject. Proulx spoke with Lost Remote and provided us with five great reasons to attend. One of the most compelling is his promise that the panels are designed for those with short attention spans. There will also be an executive from Myspace TV, which stole a lot of the social TV hype at CES.

1. You are a social TV fanatic.

You’re a network, MSO, agency, brand, or student who works and plays in the world of television and has a major stake in its future direction. TVnext is organized into three segments: “Integration” features social TV case studies from some of the leading television networks. “Insights” dives into the research and learnings from the millions of social impressions we create while watching TV. And “Interaction” features the latest innovations of interactive TV on both the primary and second screens.

2. There are over 25 industry speakers.

TVnext is a daylong gathering of top marketing and technology thought leaders from companies including ABC, BET, Bluefin Labs, Bravo, Canoe Ventures, Comcast, CNN, Dijit, GetGlue, Hill Holliday, Microsoft/Xbox, Miso, Myspace TV, NBC, Nielsen, SecondScreen Networks, Shazam, SocialGuide, Trendrr, TV Guide Digital, USA Network, Visible World.

3. You have a short attention span.

Last year’s TVnext summit set the tone and pace for what has become an event that moves fast — packed with content in all sorts of formats that is sure to keep you engaged the entire event. Check out the recap from TVnext 2011.

4. You get a free copy of Social TV (book).

TVnext 2012 will also serve as the official launch for Mike Proulx and Stacey Shepatin’s new book, SOCIAL TV: How Marketers Can Reach and Engage Audiences by Connecting Television to the Web, Social Media, and Mobile. TVnext attendees will reaceive 2 copies (one to keep and one to share) of the book the day before it hits bookstores.

5. The “Early Bird” discount is 33% off.

Last year’s TVnext summit was invite only. This year, a portion of the tickets have been made available to the public. But hurry, the early bird special ends this coming Friday (January 27).