Top Ads: Extra Spearmint, Hulu Move Up

By Karen Fratti 

This week’s top ads are once again dominated by video games. “Holiday” the Star Wars tie-in game’s ad is in the first spot with over 3.2 million online views and 87,360 social actions.

But it’s not only games. Extra Spearmint’s viral ad “The Story of Sarah and Juan” makes it in the fourth spot with 2,261,399 online views and 24,152 social actions and if you can watch that without feeling, you must be a robot.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Star Wars: Battlefront: Holiday 2015

3.44% Digital SOV  3,183,739 Online Views  87,360 Social Actions

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Launch Gameplay Trailer

1.96% Digital SOV  2,663,935 Online Views  42,619 Social Actions

3. Fallout 4: The Wanderer Trailer

1.71% Digital SOV  2,451,144 Online Views  35,754 Social Actions

4. The Story of Sarah & Juan

1.30% Digital SOV  2,261,399 Online Views  24,152 Social Actions

5. Hello From Hulu

0.94% Digital SOV  2,491,214 Online Views  10,119 Social Actions

6. Win the Crowd

0.91% Digital SOV  2,682,452 Online Views  7,447 Social Actions

7. Deal Feels Like a Meal

0.79% Digital SOV  1,888,259 Online Views  9,970 Social Actions

8. Peter Pan Reunion: It’s What You Do

0.72% Digital SOV  2,029,927 Online Views  6,467 Social Actions

9. Inspire Imagination and Keep Building

0.51% Digital SOV  1,849,258 Online Views  1,230 Social Actions

10. Austin 3:12: Bonfire

0.33% Digital SOV  888,508 Online Views  3,515 Social Actions

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