The Warriors Won the Finals on Twitter, Too

By Karen Fratti 

All the basketball fans in our lives have nothing left to do now that the finals are over. But they’ll always their tweets to remember how good it all was. From June 4 to June 17, Tweets about the finals were seen 7.6 billion times on Twitter and across the web, according to Twitter data. Over seven million tweets were sent during the finals using one of the custom emoji for the series.

According to Twitter, whatever team won the game, won on Twitter, too. Mentions matched up to who was winning. Talk about fickle fans, huh?

The moments that generated the biggest peaks of Twitter conversation in the series:

  • End of series: @warriors with the #NBAFinals
  • End of Game 2: @Cavs defeat @warriors 95-93 in overtime
  • Game 5: @StephenCurry30 cross over and three pointer against @matthewdelly with 2:44 left in game

The most mentioned players on Twitter during the series:


  • Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30)
  • Andre Iguodala (@andre) – #NBAFinals MVP
  • Klay Thompson (@KlayThompson)


  • LeBron James (@KingJames)
  • Matthew Dellavedova (@matthewdelly)
  • JR Smith (@TheRealJRSmith)