The CW Shows Go Free Everywhere

By Steve Safran 

Supergirl and The Flash are going to be set free. The CW has announced that its programming will become available on a wide range of digital platforms, all at no cost. The move comes as the network’s deal with Hulu ends, and means anyone can access The CW’s library without a subscription.

The company made the announcement in a Facebook post:

This is big news. The CW is an often-overlooked broadcast network. With CBS m0ving Supergirl to The CW, there’s no doubt some hope the show will bring viewers that will stick around and watch some of the network’s other offerings.

The CW will have its programming on its website, and is releasing an Apple TV app, as well as becoming available on Roku, Chromecast, Xbox and Amazon fireTV. As you can see in the Facebook post, you won’t even need to log in.

Earlier this year, The CW announced it was cutting ties with Hulu and making its programming available on Netflix, which would see CW programming wind up on Netflix within weeks of the show’s season ending.