Supercell Dominates Weekly Digital Ad Engagement Chart with a ‘Clash of Clans’ Sweep

By Adam Flomenbaum 

It’s time for the top 10 most-engaging ads of the week as ranked by digital share of voice*, powered by

Mobile game developer Supercell dominated the ad engagement chart this week, with four spots in total making the list, including a full sweep of the top three supporting “Clash of Clans.”

“Ride of the Hog Riders: Call in the Cavalry” took the top spot with a commanding 12.47% digital SOV, crushing it with over 17 million online views and 110,000 social actions. It was followed by “Shocking Moves” at second with a 6.18% SOV, generated by an equally impressive 8 million online views and over 58,000 social actions. “Balloon Parade” placed third with a 4.51% SOV rating driven by over 6 million online views and over 40,000 social actions.


Supercell’s ad “Great Plan” spot supporting the “Boom Beach” game came in eighth place, with a .82% SOV supported by 1.4 million online views and over 5,000 social actions. Combined, Supercell captured nearly a full quarter of the entire week’s advertising share of voice, with over 33 million online views and over 200,000 social actions behind it.

Those ads aside, this week saw a complete refresh of the top 10, with not one ad on the list having appeared last week. Netflix scored its highest position yet with the No. 4 showing of “Orange is the New Black: Season Three” ad, generating a 1.82% SOV and 2.1 million online views generating over 18,000 social actions. EA snagged fifth with “Madden NFL 16: Be the Playmaker,” which racked up 590,000 online views and over 20,000 social actions for a 1.37% digital SOV ranking.

The bottom five ads all fell under a 1% digital SOV. Most notable are the return of Adidas’ spot “Here’s to the Takers” at ninth, and Mountain Dew’s “Come Alive” at 10th, both of which had held spots in the top 10 previously but which fell off temporarily last week. tracks TV ads in real-time and allows customers to monitor social actions, search activity and online video views associated with TV spots across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

powered by

1. Ride of the Hog Riders: Call in the Cavalry

12.47% Digital SOV  17,558,604 Online Views  110,650 Social Actions

2. Shocking Moves

6.18% Digital SOV  8,098,364 Online Views  58,753 Social Actions

3. Balloon Parade

4.51% Digital SOV  6,225,020 Online Views  40,708 Social Actions

4. Orange Is the New Black: Season Three

1.82% Digital SOV  2,162,578 Online Views  18,843 Social Actions

5. Madden NFL 16: Be the Playmaker

1.37% Digital SOV  590,250 Online Views  20,790 Social Actions

6. Jake From Planet State Farm: Coneheads

0.99% Digital SOV  112,319 Online Views  16,548 Social Actions

7. Go Get Help: It’s What You Do

0.98% Digital SOV  1,608,111 Online Views  7,170 Social Actions

8. Great Plan

0.82% Digital SOV  1,471,900 Online Views  5,186 Social Actions

9. Here’s to the Takers

0.38% Digital SOV  382,083 Online Views  4,372 Social Actions

10. Come Alive

0.37% Digital SOV  305,925 Online Views  4,155 Social Actions

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