Study: In-Program Ads Drive Higher Recall Than Traditional Ads

By Karen Fratti Comment

Remember the “Smash people” from SNL this weekend? Well, a new study from Watchwith, in collaboration with Magid, studied in-show ads on Bravo’s “America’s Best Restaurant” and found that viewers actually don’t mind them as much as Tina Fey. Or at least they remember them.

Here’s what the found:

In-Program Ads Generate Higher Ad Recall than Traditional TV Ads.

  • When shown only an 8-second brand insert in-show, 18-24 year olds had 20 percent ad recall (versus only 8 percent for a 30-second ad).

  • More than half of 18-24 viewers (52 percent) remember seeing in-program ads in general among test groups.

More Than Half of 18-24 Year Olds Are More Likely to Come Back After Exposure to In-Program Ads.

  • More specifically, 54 percent of 18-24 year olds say they are more likely to watch other episodes of a show if there are in-program ads.

Among All Viewers, In-Program Ads Improve Show Engagement, Yield Higher Ad Recall, Stronger Brand Affinity and Intent to Purchase.

  • 18-49 year old viewers of Watchwith in-program ads report higher brand familiarity (44 percent vs. 34 percent), brand affinity (45 percent vs. 39 percent), intent to purchase (40 percent vs. 36 percent), and intent to recommend (23 percent vs. 17 percent) than viewers of traditional TV commercials.

A similar study by Nielsen this month shows that product placement, while effective, is losing its sway for marketers. Mainly because it’s expensive and hard to produce. Watchwith’s point is that their in-program ads are cheaper, easier, and just as memorable as product placement.

That’s all well and good but I would rather a reminder that I want to watch Quantico on Sunday during TGIT than a consumer product.  That would possibly be worse than Smash people. You can find all of Magid’s report here. 

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