Streaming Local News Service VUit Adds CBS Owned Stations

By Jessica Lerner 

To gain a stronger foothold in the competitive local news world, the streaming news platform VUit is expanding its content library with newscasts from local CBS stations, according to CNBC.

The free, ad-supported platform is now adding the streaming editions of syndicated CBS entertainment programs like Inside Edition and newscasts from CBS’s 13 owned and operated stations.

“We’ve been in this kind of soft launch mode for a couple of years. Getting a critical mass of stations was goal one. This deal with CBS gets us a big chunk of the U.S.,” Jack Perry, CEO of Syncbak, the streaming technology company behind VUit, told the news outlet.


Gray Television was an early investor in the platform, which over the last two years has added local newscasts and original, hyperlocal programming from more than 260 broadcast stations, including mountain bike competitions and high school sports.

Elections and climate stories drove viewership to VUit (pronounced “view-it”) in 2022.

“Hyperlocal events are a huge growth opportunity, as local stations can provide additional content to their viewers than what is available on their airwaves,” said Perry. “We see large increases in viewership where big news is unfolding and the long tail of viewership after these events provides unique opportunities for the stations on our platform to engage these viewers. With continued churn in the SVOD space, VUit provides local broadcasters and content creators with brand-safe opportunities for viewers that they cannot get elsewhere.”