SocialGuide debuts new TV analytics and engagement tool

By Cory Bergman 

It’s a shoot-out in the social TV analytics space these days, with SocialGuide, Trendrr, Bluefin Labs and Networked Insights among those companies battling it out across networks, brands and agencies. SocialGuide has launched a new product called SocialGuide Intelligence (SGI), which it bills as the only social TV analytics and audience engagement platform in the marketplace. Beyond offering social TV reports and ratings for different TV shows and channels, it enables clients to “identify and engage with its social influencers and key comments” from directly within the tool.

“We spent a lot of time meeting with networks and listening to them about how they value their social audience,” founder Sean Casey told us in an email interview. He said they came away with two big takeaways. First, social has value across departments at networks, so SGI was designed to work across research, digital, marketing, social media and production groups. “Second, the value of social is not in measurement alone,” he said. “Networks also want to identify and engage with their social audience. SocialGuide Intelligence was built to surface the most active and influential fans for any program or network, and allows our clients to use Twitter to engage directly with that audience.”

Part of a network report for NBC for Sunday, March 18th

In an increasingly competitive space — Trendrr rolled out several new features last week — Casey says SocialGuide is the “most comprehensive capture service in the marketplace,” covering social activity around every program (40,000+) aired across 216 of the most popular TV channels. “Also, we believe we employ the most stringent policy with regards to what is considered a ‘social TV comment,'” he said. “As a result, SocialGuide Intelligence delivers an unmatched degree of accuracy.”

More from the NBC network report, which shows a competitive analysis, most retweeted tweets about NBC programming for the day and the most social audience by most followers and most comments.

“We believe that Twitter is the dominant social TV platform, and networks’ Twitter specific social strategies will become increasingly important to their businesses,” Casey told us. “SocialGuide Intelligence was built to allow networks to use Twitter to engage with this key audience right from our platform.” SocialGuide says there are many more product features on the SGI roadmap, which will be launching soon.