Shazam announces long list of ad partners for the Super Bowl

By Natan Edelsburg 

As the Super Bowl shapes up to be the biggest social TV event of the year, Shazam just announced the details about their part in the festivities. “The entire Super Bowl experience – including ads, the game itself and the halftime show – will incorporate Shazam for TV to enable fans to experience more of TV’s biggest sporting event,” the company explains. Almost half of the Super Bowl TV advertisers will be Shazam-enabled, and users who tag the game can access up-to-the-minute statistics, participate in polls and purchase merchandise.

There will be over one million giveaways from the different partner brands, even including a few cars. With their 175 million users around the world, they’re clearing creating a new and consistent buy for the biggest advertisers. Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher describes his company, “as the leader in second screen interactive TV experiences.” The question now is if they can keep up the momentum, engagement and excitement around Shazamable TV that they’ve had for music. Here are the details on the giveaways and offers from the brands they’re working with from their announcement:

  • Toyota – the ad will include a sweepstake to win two Camrys – one for you and one for a friend.
  • Best Buy – Best Buy’s spot will feature two of Shazam’s founders. Additionally, Best Buy is running a $50 gift card offer for consumers looking to buy and activate a mobile phone in 2012.
  • – when viewers use Shazam to tag the ad, will donate $1.00 to one of seven charities, up to a maximum $100,000.
  • Pepsi – the new ad that features the winner of the X-FACTOR – Melanie Amaro performing Otis Redding’s song “Respect” – will invite people to unlock a free video.
  • Teleflora – viewers who tag Teleflora’s “Give” ad starring super model Adriana Lima will receive a secret offer.
  • Plus, a number of other commercials including Relativity’s new Navy Seals action-thriller, “Act of Valor” and Disney’s upcoming movie “John Carter” will be Shazam-enabled providing great offers and more.

Halftime Show

Through a partnership with Bud Light, this year’s Bridgestone Super Bowl Halftime show will be Shazam-enabled. When people use Shazam to tag the performance, they can unlock exclusive content and experience more by Interscope artists performing.

The Game

Whether people are fans of the Patriots or the Giants, Shazam has made it easy for them to get more involved in the Super Bowl. When viewers use Shazam during the game, they can:

  • Access up-to-the-minute statistics to keep track of all the key plays and players.
  • Participate in polls about the game and ads with other fans
  • Share their experience with their friends on Facebook and Twitter