Screen-Bridge launches to bring social TV to production companies

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.14.22 PMIn May 2013 we wrote about Melanie Witkower, a Syracuse University student with big social TV ideas. Less than a year later, the college senior is launching her own social TV company aimed at changing the way TV production companies approach social. Here are the details about Screen-Bridge described as the company that will “bridge the gap between television production companies and their online audiences by producing high quality and unique social content.”

Today is the company’s first day of business and we’re excited to watch Witkower and her team of social TV experts take their passion and love for social TV and turn it into services for production companies. Witkower also explained that, “we have had shows air on TLC and Food Network and that they, “recently prepared pitches for HBO, Showtime, FX, FXX, Comedy Central, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.”

“We believe social media offers the opportunity to tell a show’s story in a new way, and in order to do that we approach our content through the pre-production process,” Witkower told Lost Remote. “We want to reward the fans with unique content instead of recutting clips from episodes, and do this in a way that is cheaper for the networks in the long run because they are not scheduling additional shoots and pushing more tasks that weren’t accounted for onto the show producers.”


Watch out for this young team of social TV experts who live and breathe the Snapchat culture that most in the entertainment business can only look at from afar. “Would you want to watch the same scene three times during an episode,” Witkower explained. “Then why would you want to see content repeated across your social networks – we have to stop believing buzz correlates with viewership and instead look at what is right in front of us: our audience is telling us who they are and what they want,” she added.