Sci-Fi Series Paper Girls Sets July 29 Prime Video Debut

By Jessica Lerner 

Fire up the DeLorean because we’re going to the future.

The sci-fi adventure series Paper Girls will premiere on Prime Video on July 29.

The eight-episode series, based on Brian K. Vaughan‘s comics, follows four paper girls on their delivery route in 1988, when they become caught in the crossfire between warring time-travelers. These girls are then sent to the future and must find a means to return to the past, a voyage that will bring them face-to-face with grown-up counterparts.


While they come to terms with the truth that their futures are different from what their 12-year-old selves expected, they are pursued by the Old Watch, a militant group of time-travelers who have outlawed time travel in order to maintain power. The girls will have to overcome their differences and learn to trust each other and themselves in order to live.

“As fans of the comic already know, this story seamlessly interweaves deeply personal character drama with the kind of high adventure and action that is truly rare on the small screen,” said Christopher C. Rogers, the show’s executive producer and showrunner, in a statement. “That said, this show is for everyone (even those who’ve never picked up a comic book!) who has ever wondered what it would be like to meet themselves at a different stage of life — to compare what you know now with what you thought you knew then… It’s been a genuine thrill to get to play in Brian and Cliff’s world, and I’m humbled to have worked alongside this incredibly special group of artists and collaborators to bring it to life.”

“I love this show!” said Vaughan. “The extraordinary cast feels ripped from the pages of our comic. And whether you’ve read every issue of Paper Girls or are just starting the ride here, there will be huge surprises in store for you this epic first season.”