Saint Peter’s Peacocks Are on a March Madness Cinderella Run—With Streamer Peacock Along for the Ride

By Jessica Lerner 

While Peacock isn’t streaming March Madness games, the NBCUniversal streaming service has managed to insert itself into the conversation via this year’s Cinderella team: the Saint Peter’s University Peacocks.

The streamer paid for the university’s cheerleaders and dance team to be bussed to the second round game over the weekend and is also offering all of the university’s current students one free month of Peacock Premium. “How could we not celebrate a team who shares our namesake!” Alexandra Shapiro, evp of brand marketing and strategy at Peacock, told Lost Remote. “Saint Peter’s historic run is nothing short of amazing and they have earned their right to be on the big stage. We are just playing a supporting role in making sure they get the recognition they deserve.”

No. 15 seed Saint Peter’s, a private Jesuit university in Jersey City, N.J., shattered men’s NCAA Tournament brackets everywhere by defeating the No. 2 University of Kentucky Wildcats in an overtime thriller last Thursday. Then, in the second round of the tournament on Saturday, Saint Peter’s upset the No. 7 seed Murray State University—which means the Peacocks are advancing to the Sweet 16 for the first time in program history.


Peacock paid to bus the cheerleaders and dance team to the second round game over the week after learning they were unable to make the trip. After Saint Peter’s won against perennial favorite Kentucky, the streamer reached out to the athletics department and offered to bus the cheer and dance teams from New Jersey to Indianapolis.

“What?! Birds of a feather MUST flock together. Pack your bags Spirit Squad. We’re getting you to the game. Can you be ready in…a few hours?! We’re making this happen,” Peacock tweeted.

Additionally, the streamer sent brand representatives to the Saint Peter’s watch party on Saturday night and passed out free “Peacock Loves The Peacocks” t-shirts (pictured).

Peacock is also giving one month of Peacock Premium to students at both Saint Peter’s University and Auburn University, whose men’s basketball team has adopted “peacocks” as its unofficial mascot this year. After seeing tweets encouraging Peacock to give free Peacock subscriptions to the respective universities, the streamer decided if the men’s basketball teams won the first two rounds of their respective tournaments, students at both universities would be given one month free of Peacock Premium.

While only Saint Peter’s made it through to the Sweet 16, the streamer ultimately decided to give both universities the deal.

Vouchers will be passed out on campus this week, but Peacock isn’t done with March Madness and Saint Peter’s. The streamer told Lost Remote it has more activations in store for the Sweet 16.