Steve Safran Returns to the Editor’s Chair at Lost Remote

By Steve Safran 

Steve SafranI once was Lost, and now I’m found.

For eight years, in various incarnations, I wrote for and edited Lost Remote. Cory Bergman started the site in 1999 and I joined a year later as a columnist. Our tagline was “Where TV Finds The Future.” More than 15 years later, TV’s still looking. And Lost Remote is here to help.

I’m honored to return to Lost Remote as its editor, joining Karen Fratti who has done a great job with the site. Our mission is to report on the impact social media has on television – and vice-versa. We’re looking at how programs are viewed, shared and discussed socially. We have “social ratings” for shows and we’re going to report on ways the media uses new social tools to connect with its audience.


We’re coming off an Olympics that saw a nosedive in the number of people watching in prime time but a huge spike in viewers who watched the events in streaming video. Facebook and Twitter saw massive numbers during the Olympics and didn’t even have to pay a penny for the rights. The audience has changed, and TV needs to keep changing with it. Lost Remote will continue to show how.

Streaming matters. Social matters. And yes, TV still very much matters. Check in with us throughout the day and you’ll find great examples of sites, entertainers and programs that use social media and streaming video to gain an advantage.

In the upcoming months, we’re going to expand our offerings on the site and social media. We want you to join us as we continue to help TV find the future. Please check in frequently here, on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and join the discussion.

Thanks to Chris Ariens and David Griner here at Adweek for bringing me into the fold. This is a great group of sites—and I’m honored to be in such good company.

Time to Get Lost.