Roku and Amazon Extend Distribution Agreement for Prime Video and IMDb TV

By Jessica Lerner 

Roku and Amazon have reached a multi-year extension for their distribution agreement, meaning customers can continue to access the Prime Video and IMDb TV apps on their Roku devices.

No further details on the agreement were released at the time.

In late October, rumors suggested that Roku and Amazon were nearing a stalemate, which could have led to the removal of Amazon’s free, ad-supported television channel IMDb TV and the subscription video-on-demand service Amazon Prime Video from Roku’s platform.


The Information reported Roku and Amazon were haggling over primacy to viewer data. And since Amazon now bundles negotiations with the IMDb TV and the broader Amazon Prime Video app, you can’t remove one without removing the other.

Roku platform head Scott Rosenberg, on the other hand, denied the rumors last November saying that the company’s Amazon deal was not up for renewal or in talks at the time.

Last year, Roku and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, were also involved in a legal battle last year over YouTube streaming on the device. During discussions to maintain YouTube and YouTube TV on Roku’s platform, Roku accused Alphabet of anticompetitive activity, but the two companies finally settled on a multi-year extension.