Research: Consumers Frustrated With the Connected Home

By Karen Fratti 


A lot of innovation in television comes from devices that connect the living room, like synched lighting with an app on your TV or shopping from your couch. But there might be a drop off in how much consumers care. Angus Insights released a report today that shows how interest in the Internet of things and connected living rooms is waning, maybe because the tech is still not easy enough to use or its really expensive. John Feland, CEO and founder, Argus Insights says that:

Based on our review of consumer interest, the state of home automation in 2015 is not looking good for anyone who sells or makes these devices. Even though Google and Samsung made big purchases in this space by buying Nest thermostats, Dropcam and the suite of SmartThings products demand is stagnating. It is obvious that the early adopters have bought what they want and other consumers are expressing frustration that these products are complicated and difficult to set up and use.


Some other key findings:

  • Year over year slowdown in growth is clear indication that the home automation market is stalling and may be contracting.
  • Consumers are unsure what products they want or need while first adopters have already made their purchases.
  • The Google investments in Nest and Dropcam and Samsung acquisitions in home automation are not growing at the rate expected from such acquisitions.
  • Overall Connected Home device market is shrinking as product segments lack innovation.

You can read the full report from Angus Insights here.