Report: NFL Developing Subscription Streaming Service

By Jessica Lerner 

In this era of streaming wars, could sports become the next big thing?

The Athletic reports the NFL is working on a subscription streaming service that will contain games, radio, podcasts and team content.

The NFL used to offer free live games on mobile devices and on Yahoo for tablets and computers, but both partnerships have now expired. In the future, it looks like fans on the go who don’t have a cable subscription but want to watch games on their phone will have to pay for what is provisionally dubbed NFL+.


The streaming service is still in development and more information, such as subscription costs and the extent of team content, will be announced in the coming months.

The NFL is working on three key media deals: a replacement for its mobile streaming service; a successor for Sunday Ticket, which has one more year on DirecTV; and the sale of an interest in NFL Media, which includes NFL Network and

NFL sponsor Verizon had exclusive rights to mobile streamed games, which were only available in-market. In recent years, the league has loosened its exclusivity, allowing all mobile providers to watch the games.

If Apple or Amazon buys a share in NFL Media, the Athletic reports that company might play a role in NFL+. By the start of the next season, the league requires a solution for how games are distributed through smartphones, tablets, and computers.