Prime Video’s The Boys Pokes Fun at Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max Once More

By Jessica Lerner 

The Boys, from Prime Video, is once again poking fun at Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max.

One of The Boy’s Twitter accounts, @VoughtIntl, recently mocked HBO Max’s massive cancelations and library purging as the streamer continued to axe programming and pull content left and right as part of WBD’s cost-cutting measures and restructuring.

This isn’t the first time The Boy’s Twitter accounts have mocked Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max. In August 2022, the Twitter account made fun of the upcoming merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single streaming service and HBO Max’s quiet removal of dozens of titles.

WBD CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels said last week the company is done axing shows and movies for tax write-offs, calling 2023 a year of “relaunching and building.”

He noted said the cost-cutting measures, which started over the summer with the cancellation of the nearly completed $90 million Batgirl film and continued with the steady removal of titles from HBO Max’s library, took “a little bit of time to make sure that we do it properly.”