Pluto TV Adds New Categories, Channels and Programming

By Jessica Lerner 

Paramount-owned streaming service Pluto TV has reorganized its U.S. lineup, adding new categories, channels and programming.

Users will now be able to navigate the service with greater ease, and there will be more fan-favorite content based on popular themes and genres that already exist on the platform.

Pluto TV currently sports more than 43,000 titles in its catalog. Genres, including game shows, reality programs and daytime television series, have all proven to be extremely popular with Pluto TV viewers, which has led to a desire for specialized categories and the addition of more channels and shows to these categories.


“We are always looking for ways to improve our programming offering and make it easier for the audience to find what they are looking for. Not only is this expansion driven by viewing habits we can see, we spoke directly to our audience to gain feedback on suggested changes before they were made,” said Scott Reich, svp of programming at Pluto TV, in a statement. “Everything we do puts the audience first, and this optimization is the latest step to maintain our market leadership in partnership with our audience.”

The number of categories available to Pluto TV audiences has increased by three to 18, including both new and existing programming. They include Movies, Entertainment, News + Opinion, Crime, Reality, Game Shows, Daytime TV, Comedy, Classic TV, Home, Food, Lifestyle + Culture, Sports, Gaming + Anime, Music, En Español, Kids and Local.
Pluto TV is also launching several new channels. As of today (July 11), Let’s Make a Deal and The Judge Judy Channel are available. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! branded channels will launch on Aug. 1 on Pluto TV as well.