Play 'DVR Death Match' with E! Online's new TV site

By Natan Edelsburg 

Just in time for fall TV and the Emmys E! Online has launched a brand new site dedicated to provided news and social outlets around television. TV Scoop, the new site, looks and feels like it’s built for a tablet era of consuming with large pretty photos discussing the biggest moments in reality and scripted programming. We spoke to Romina Rosado, Vice President of E! Online about the social and interactive features that include a “DVR Death Match”.

“In terms of social engagement and interactive tools, we’ve launched a number of new things in time for Fall TV,” Rosado told Lost Remote. “DVR DeathMatch, which enables our readers to sound off on what shows they will watch, DVR or skip,” is one of the most exciting features built for the time-shifting social TV viewer. “Our extensive Fall TV preview series, including voting functionality and Gif review,” is another fun part recognizing the importance of GIFs in social TV. She added that “we are actively engaging our community – the largest social media following of any entertainment brand – as well as the highly engaged followers of Kristin dos Santos and her ‘Watch with Kristin’ column, which is part of TV Scoop.”

E! Online’s big investment in the new TV season is extremely calculated and makes sense for the TV brand that’s aiming to own pop culture. “Because our DNA includes television and because of our history in the space, we wanted to create a destination that brings it all together and offers TV fans a one-stop-shop, if you will,” Rosado told Lost Remote. “We simply are closer to the action and have a level of access that other sites don’t have – whether it’s at a major industry event like the Emmys, on show sets or our close relationships with show runners.”