Partnership With Pronto Signals Peel’s Future Plans

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Video_backgroundAt CES 2015, Philips – in partnership with smart remote technology company Peel – will launch the newest version of the connected home entertainment product Pronto.

Universal remotes have been in existence for decades, but technologically they have made limited advancements. Now, utilizing Peel’s platform, Pronto can be accessed with an iPhone and will allow consumers to check their cable TV guides without turning on the TV, show them which programs are trending on Twitter, and provide content recommendations. The Pronto is palm-sized and synchs with iPhones via Bluetooth to maximize phone battery life.

For Peel, the Pronto partnership is an important development. Peel’s technology is pre-loaded on most Android-based phones, but Pronto is a conduit for Peel to be used via iPhones and for more devices than just TVs. At launch, Pronto with Peel can be used to control more than 3,000 entertainment devices, including all major TV brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Vizio, Panasonic and Toshiba.