Paramount Announces New 60 Minutes Channel on Pluto TV

By A.J. Katz 

60 Minutes is stepping into the streaming arena once again. 60 Minutes executive producer Bill Owens informed staff Thursday that there’s a deal in place for a 60 Minutes channel to live on Pluto TV, Paramount’s ad-supported streaming service.

The 60 Minutes channel will run in partnership with the Pluto TV programming team, and be led by 60 Minutes senior producer Nicole Young. The channel allows the 60 Minutes team to share the historic archive of 60 Minutes content with viewers who may not traditionally watch the linear broadcast.

Young will continue to serve as correspondent Scott Pelley‘s producer on the linear show while leading the new streaming venture. Control Room 33 and associate producer Matt Riley are helping Young with the project.


The announcement was made official Thursday afternoon at CBS’ Town Hall.