Ooyala IQ Is ‘Laser Focused’ On Monetization

By Karen Fratti 

tv advertisingThis week, Ooyala  announced a new product that allows media companies to better track and monetize audience behavior. Currently, Sky Sports, Media Prima, Fairfax Media, Telegraph Media Group, Vox Media, and Dell are all beta testers of Ooyala IQ, which provides “laser focused” insights and monetization opportunities.

The new product allows clients to multi-filter by device, operating system, browser, country, state, DMA, and player or traffic source all at once. It also features a way to see what points in video content see the highest user engagement, making clipping and sharing more intuitive and ensuring that viewers are going to see the ads. Ooyala Chief Executive Officer Jay Fulcher says in an official statement that:

As TV continues to migrate across devices, delivery and monetization must be integrated deeply with real-time analytics. Regardless of the revenue model, business and programming decisions can now be informed by new kinds of big data analyses. [We have] re-imagined how video and TV analytics are collected, stored, managed and accessed, providing an unprecedented level of visibility so our customers can optimize how they run and monetize their business.

Some of the new features are integrated into their existing products. Content creators can better track how well video is working with Ooyala Discovery, their recommendation feature, and access metrics. Knowing when viewers are paying attention and seeing how the same content performs across devices can drastically change creators’ entire roll out strategy. For newly launched OTT services like HBO Now and even Sling, being able to tap into streaming habits mean they can tweak offerings and how they recommend videos to us. Prepare to be targeted based on your location and your device. If you’re in Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters show, you can see how it works.