Old Spice, Geico Top iSpot’s Most Engaging Ads

By Karen Fratti 

Old Spice stormed into the top-engaging ads chart this week with the “And So It Begins” spot debuting at number one with an impressive 3.6 million online views and over 28,000 social actions amid a field of seven newcomers total. Geico scored two spots in the top five with new installments of the “It’s What You Do” campaign and second and fourth.

Other debuts included another “Real Colonel Sanders” KFC spot featuring Norm Macdonald impressing the fast food chain’s figurehead at No. 5, with the bottom of the list rounded out by the latest Apple Music “Discovery” spot, a Lexus featuring a hoverboard, and Target’s latest back-to-school ad “Jeans Jam.”

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. And So It Begins

3.72% Digital SOV  3,641,788 Online Views  28,121 Social Actions

2. Operation: It’s What You Do

1.28% Digital SOV  2,725,142 Online Views  3,071 Social Actions

3. Our Song

1.16% Digital SOV  275,819 Online Views  12,329 Social Actions

4. Kraken: It’s What You Do

0.79% Digital SOV  419,705 Online Views  7,492 Social Actions

5. The Real Colonel Sanders

0.57% Digital SOV  601,808 Online Views  4,136 Social Actions

6. Discovery

0.30% Digital SOV  114,599 Online Views  3,160 Social Actions

7. Arts and Craftsy Tony Romo

0.30% Digital SOV  354,086 Online Views  2,018 Social Actions

8. It’s Here

0.22% Digital SOV  235,162 Online Views  1,601 Social Actions

9. Photos & Videos

0.18% Digital SOV  109,137 Online Views  1,639 Social Actions

10. Back to School 2015: Jeans Jam

0.17% Digital SOV  199,805 Online Views  1,015 Social Actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

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