Old Friends and Frankenstein Lead Ads’ Share of Voice

By Steve Safran 

Amazon’s sentimental “Old Friends” ad is a little cloying but people like it. That’s good enough, as the ad moved from second to first in this week’s iSpot Top Ten Ads by Digital Share of Voice (SOV). iSpot measures SOV by the percent of digital activity associated with the ad over the past week.

Our new favorite, Apple’s “Frankie’s Holiday,” is at number two. What would modern-day Frankenstein do to win over the villagers? Record “Home for the Holidays” using his iPhone and put two Christmas lights where the bolts usually are in this neck, of course. Cue the happy townsfolk.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Amazon: Old Friends

9.88% Digital SOV  1,075,082 Online Views  133,630 Social Actions

2. Apple: Frankie’s Holiday

4.19% Digital SOV  1,150,508 Online Views  31,652 Social Actions

3. Old Navy: Fight Night: 50 Percent Off

3.71% Digital SOV  2,788,384 Online Views  4,226 Social Actions

4. Life: Enjoy All of It

3.14% Digital SOV  1,075 Online Views  48,670 Social Actions

5. Air Wick: Magic Wanda

2.26% Digital SOV  435,463 Online Views  19,112 Social Actions

6. adidas: Basketball Needs Creators

2.16% Digital SOV  3,674,672 Online Views  21,702 Social Actions

7. DURACELL: Star Wars Rogue One: How the Rebels Saved Christmas

1.96% Digital SOV  3,048,355 Online Views  2,271 Social Actions

8. Macy’s: Old Friends

1.78% Digital SOV  347,845 Online Views  26,418 Social Actions

9. CoverGirl: Lash Equality

1.67% Digital SOV  733,748 Online Views  7,415 Social Actions

10. Apple: Bulbs

1.65% Digital SOV  760,038 Online Views  3,493 Social Actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

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