Notes: Microsoft Tab, ShatnerSpace, YT Captions

By Steve Safran 

Noted, after watching “Alice in Wonderland” and giving it a C…

  • Whole bunch of pictures of the Microsoft Tablet at engadget. Coolness abounds.
  • Shatner creates his own social network at A Sci-Fi social network. Could he have owned this space (as it were) if he thought of this years ago, or what? (Geekosystem via Mediaite)
  • Oscar advertisers hope to build buzz on FB and Twitter. (USA Today)
  • YouTube auto-captions clips, but not without some unintentional hilarity I sense a blog opportunity.
  • Today in Star Wars: There are still 163 clips to be done at the crowdsourced “Star Wars: Uncut.” The effort to make Admiral Ackbar the new mascot at Ole’ Miss is running into a backlash (“It’s a trap!”). And it’s been a while since I posted my all-time favorite Star Wars mashup – The Vader Sessions.
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