Nike Hijacks Women’s World Cup From Adidas on Social

By Karen Fratti 

nomaybesWhat better way to finish a holiday weekend than the U.S. winning the world cup? Social media was feeling rather patriotic, driving tweets for six hours after the finals. Brands were able to harness attention, too. According to Amobee Intelligence, Nike’s sponsorship of the women’s team and the #NoMaybes video campaign drove more consumption than Adidas, which was sponsoring the entire tournament. Other key findings:

  • There were 2,875,436 Tweets around the USA Women and the World Cup; in the 6 hours after the game first began at 7pm Eastern time on July 5, 2015. That included 1.08 million Tweets around the hashtag #USA668,511 Tweets around the hashtag #USWNT which is the abbreviation for the US women’s team, 629,000 Tweets around the World Cup specifically, and 98,028 Tweets around the hashtag #FIFAWWCCarli Lloyd who achieved a stunning hat-trick in the game was the player with the most Tweets during the 6 hour period, generating 120,951 Tweets.
  • Nothing brings out patriotism like winning and that includes a national holiday. There was 571% more Tweets around the hashtag  #USA in the six hour period around the game alone on July 5, than there was during the entire July 4 holiday a day earlier, comparing to 1.08 million Tweets to 161,000 Tweets.
  • There’s no doubt who the biggest sports star in the world was on July 5. Not only was there 562% more digital consumption around Carli Lloyd than around LeBron James and Tiger Woods combined; with James still a free agent and Woods having his most successful tournament in several years; but Lloyd generated more digital consumption than the entire sport of baseball. With All-Star selections being announced on July 5, there was more 201% more digital consumption around Carli Lloyd than around all 30 MLB teams combined on the day.
  • U.S. and Japan of course weren’t the only soccer superpowers battling it out during the event. Nike which sponsors the US women’s team and prompted the relationship with the hashtag #NoMaybes and a video ad featuring many of the star players of the US team, was 121% more associated than Adidas to the World Cup between June 6 – July 5, 2015. While Adidas was an official sponsor of the Women’s World Cup and had their name of the game ball; Nike outfitted 11 teams during the tournament compared to 6 for Adidas; and of course most importantly Nike was heavily aligned with the winning team. Chevrolet which was also an official sponsor of the US woman’s team and produced a series of videos featuring team stars had 17% as much World Cup associated digital consumption as Nike in the past month, with official FIFA sponsor Coca-Cola having 16% as much World Cup associated digital consumption as Nike, and official FIFA sponsor Visa 13% as associated to the World Cup as Nike in the same time period.

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