Netflix Scraps 2 Completed Films

By Jessica Lerner 

Netflix has scrapped two completed films, coming at a time when the industry is seeing a rise in streamers canceling already completed projects and opting against moving forward with already renewed or greenlit series.

The two Netflix films, The Inheritance and House/Wife, will be shopped elsewhere and come at a time when the streaming service is attempting to sustain its $17 billion annual content budget while concentrating on growing its worldwide member base to more than 230 million people, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In the Inheritance, on the eve of billionaire Charles Abernathy’s 75th birthday, he brings his four estranged children back home out of dread that tonight someone — or something — is going to kill him. Abernathy puts each of his family members’ inheritances on the line, promising them nothing if he is discovered dead by daylight, in order to assure that they would assist him in fending off whatever is coming.

House/Wife follows a mother recovering from a horrific tragedy transfers her family into a prototype smart home, only to discover the home’s AI system may have malevolent motives.

Peacock is also no longer moving forward with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson’s supernatural series Dead Day, per Variety.

Dead Day will also be shopped to other outlets and comes as Peacock shifts its strategy to more event-series dramas and bingeable comedies.

The series follows a group of individuals as they traverse the yearly “death day,” when for one night the dead come back to accomplish unfinished business – be that to celebrate a night back on earth or torment the living.