Netflix Celebrates the Fans on Its 25th Birthday

By Jessica Lerner 

Where has the time gone?

Netflix has turned 25, and boy has it been one heck of a ride.

“For the past 25 years, we’ve been working hard to delight our members all around the world with great stories, and today we want to celebrate you—the fans who made Netflix what it is today,” Netflix said in a statement.


Netflix launched in 1997 where users could rent DVDs and receive them in the mail. “But at a certain point, DVDs just couldn’t keep up,” the company reminds us in a YouTube video celebrating the company’s 25th birthday.

Netflix then pivoted to streaming as “binge became the new way we watched stuff,” giving everyone “something to talk about” as viewers watched shows unlike any other in dozens of languages.

This led to users “trying new foods, embracing new role models and … even walking around blindfolded.” And of course, who could forget “Netflix and chill?”

“Crazy things happen when the world watches stuff together,” the company says.

So how was all of this achieved in 25 years? Well, Netflix has the fans to thank for that who “found something unexpected to love and turned it into something incredible.”