NBCUniversal Pushes Forward with Peacock-Focused Digital Ad Efforts

By Jessica Lerner 

NBCUniversal is advancing its Peacock-focused digital video advertising initiatives.

Although the streamer is smaller than many of its competitors, executives at NBCUniversal have highlighted efforts to increase the platform’s ad value through various initiatives, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A strategy to introduce a self-serve advertising platform is one of them. It will be much more available to smaller companies and advertisers who do not have multimillion dollar ad buys in the market, the news outlet reported.


“In the past, television was the domain of maybe 1000 to 2000 marketers,” Krishan Bhatia, president and chief business officer for global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, told THR. “We have a whole ecosystem of other marketers that are direct-to-consumer brands, e-commerce brands, performance marketers, local businesses, that buy media because they obviously need to drive their business, but they measure it in a different way. And they need a lower entry point. And they need tools and capabilities that are more self serve.”

“We wanted to basically lower the barrier of adoption and make it as easy as possible for you to go live with advertising and streaming,” Bhatia added. “We’re in beta testing right now. We’ll start to roll that out as we go into 2023.”

Peacock is also launching new ad formats, including one focused on sports that will allow branders to sponsor highlights of games as they air, including for viewers that turn the game on after it’s already began.