NBA Finals Drive 2 Million Views of New Apple Music Ad

By Karen Fratti Comment

iSpot TV’s weekly list of top ads is in and Supercell’s Clash of Clan is still on it. There are some older ads this week, from Toyota, and only two newbies, from Honda and Apple. Our iSpot spokesperson said over email that:

Apple led the charge among newcomers, debuting at third with its “History of Sound” ad in support of the recently unveiled Apple Music service. The spot generated over 2 million online views and more than 30,000 social actions, thanks to airing against the NBA Basketball Finals and the CMT Music Awards Show.

Honda’s “Great Thinking Inside” for its HR-V model was the only other newcomer, entering the list at sixth with 1.5 million online views and over 16,000 social actions. Despite heavy spending on both the NBA and NHL Finals, its largest engagement ratings came from TK’s CSI.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Learning Sign Language

1.31% Digital SOV  3,752,414 Online Views  49,265 Social Actions

2. A Driver’s Life: Driving Matters

0.98% Digital SOV  6,312,816 Online Views  16,345 Social Actions

3. History of Sound

0.80% Digital SOV  2,210,131 Online Views  30,538 Social Actions

4. My Bold Dad

0.55% Digital SOV  2,641,901 Online Views  14,408 Social Actions

5. Because America

0.50% Digital SOV  2,917,482 Online Views  9,260 Social Actions

6. Great Thinking Inside

0.48% Digital SOV  1,552,229 Online Views  16,282 Social Actions

7. Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders: Call in the Cavalry

0.43% Digital SOV  2,246,218 Online Views  10,259 Social Actions

8. Substitution

0.30% Digital SOV  805,795 Online Views  11,387 Social Actions

9. 6 v 6: Wireless Charging, Wide Angle Selfie

0.30% Digital SOV  615,523 Online Views  12,420 Social Actions

10. Clash of Clans: Balloon Parade

0.25% Digital SOV  939,849 Online Views  7,628 Social Actions

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