MTV tops Twitter's tweets-per-second in 2011

By Cory Bergman 

As part of its year-in-review, Twitter released its top tweets-per-second for 2011. Surprisingly perhaps, the World Cup, Steve Jobs, the Japan Tsunami and the East Coast earthquake didn’t top the chart.

Instead, the MTV VMAs took home the honor of the most simultaneously-tweeted moment of the year with 8,868 tweets sent in a single second. You may remember when Beyonce revealed she was pregnant on stage, sparking the avalanche of tweets.

The second-highest event was the execution of Troy Davis, followed by the women’s World Cup finale. Of the 16 items on the list, there are…

  • 9 live televised events
  • 7 news stories (not counting sports)
  • 6 sports events
  • 2 awards shows

And given Twitter’s continued growth rate, I bet we’ll see more records next year.