Michael Lazerow Reviews Top Super Bowl Ads from LinkedIn’s Studio

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Aside from networking, LinkedIn (with its Influencer product and Pulse) is one of – if not the – best places on the web for business content. We have covered Conan O’Brien’s history as a LinkedIn Influencer, but there are other prolific Influencers producing high-quality content on the site.

Yesterday, Salesforce Chief Strategy Officer and founder of Buddy Media, Michael Lazerow, broke down the top five Super Bowl ads in an Influencer post. What makes this post different is that the video that accompanies it was produced in LinkedIn’s studio in the Empire State Building. LinkedIn is no HuffPost Live, but, if it were, wouldn’t that make some sense?

Lazerow broke down his top five ads and explained why they worked for him (hint: all about the journey).  He also discusses what didn’t work.  He even goes as far as to say that “this year was the first year that the game beat everything else.”