Maya Rudolph Is a Woman Scorned in New Apple TV+ Comedy Loot

By Jessica Lerner 

What would you do if your husband of 20 years cheated on you – besides divorcing the lothario? Drown your sorrows in alcohol? Get revenge? Go full scorched earth?

In the new workplace comedy Loot, which is coming to Apple TV+, Maya Rudolph’s billionaire Molly Novak does her fair share of wallowing before diving headfirst into her charity foundation, as evidenced by the newly released trailer. But, of course, just because Molly has 87 billion reasons for a fresh start doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing.

The 10-episode comedy will debut globally with the first three episodes on Friday, June 24, followed by one new episode weekly, every Friday.


In addition to Rudolph, the Loot ensemble cast includes Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Ron Funches, Nat Faxon and Joel Kim Booster.

Prior to the cheating, Molly has everything she wants in life, including private jets, a spacious mansion, and a gigayacht. But after her husband betrays her, she explodes in public, becoming tabloid fodder.

She’s at her lowest point when she discovers, to her astonishment, that she has a charity foundation overseen by the tough-as-nails Sofia Salinas (Rodriguez), who begs Molly to stop causing trouble.

Molly embarks on a journey of self-discovery with the support of her devoted assistant Nicholas (Kim Booster) and Sofia and her crew, which includes mild-mannered accountant Arthur (Faxon) and her upbeat, pop-culture-loving cousin Howard (Funches). Giving back to others could be just what she needs to reclaim her identity.