LR commenter ‘JIB’ starts site dedicated to wireless

By Steve Safran 

Those of you who follow LR regularly know that I have sparred from time to time with the mysterious “JIB.” We usually tangle over matters relating to the FCC. I have invited him through the years to write a guest column at LR – provided he do so under his real name, which I have never known – until now. I just got an email from J. Israel Balderas, who tells me he is “JIB.” (Reprinted with permission):

You may know me from LR postings submitted by JIB. You always encouraged me to put my writing skills to good use. I took your advice and rather than just write down a blog, I decided to start my own communications company and built a wireless & mobility news website.

Dude, I just asked you for an opposing viewpoint. You started a whole company? That’s taking a debate seriously. Israel has also started SPECTRUMocracy, a site for wireless and mobility news. Balderas’s bio lists him as a 15-year news veteran, an attorney and a former advisor to the FCC. That would explain his interest in having FCC debates, and why he got the better of me (some of the time). I welcome the LR Contributor Formerly Known as JIB to the web, and I encourage the rest of you to start something great, too.