Livestream launches Roku channel bringing more live web content to TV

By Natan Edelsburg 

Roku, Apple TV and now Chromecast have all been innovative in bringing tons of web content to your TV. Until now most of this content has been from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Instant and many other on-demand style options. Livestream, the popular live streaming platform has launched its first Roku channel to bring “more than 75,000 live events a month,” from the web to your television.

This is also huge for live event producers. “Event producers can now broadcast their events to millions of Roku viewers by streaming with Livestream’s hardware, free software or mobile app, without any further integration or app development,” according to the announcement. As a producer of the Shorty Awards, we’ve enjoyed growth on’s platform for the last five years and this will be a big opportunity to bring our ninety minute awards show to the old-school screen. Here’s the announcement from Livestream.

Features of the Livestream channel on Roku include:

  • Discover live and upcoming content from over 60 U.S. local news stations, the New York Times, Facebook, HBO, Associated Press, SpaceX, Warner Bros. Records, Marvel Comics, and watch annual events including Grammy and Oscar Red Carpets, Times Square Ball Drop, New York Fashion Week, TEDx talks, the Sundance Film Festival and the Clinton Global Initiative
  • Watch live and archived HD video with adaptive bitrate to ensure the highest quality video streaming 
  • Search for and discover events from your favorite teams, artists, schools, businesses, red carpets, concerts, celebrities and more

“Roku was our first choice to bring Livestream from the second screen to the big screen,” said Max Haot, Co-founder and CEO, Livestream. “Their affordable and innovative streaming devices enable us to broaden our reach to millions of Roku users, getting us closer to our goal to democratize live video.”