Larry David, Not Donald Trump Was the Star of SNL

By Karen Fratti 

It remains to be seen what kind of boost (or dip) Donald Trump will get after hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. But Amobee Brand Intelligence is already trying to see. They comb over 600,000 sites and social platforms to see how people are engaging with SNL and Trump content.

The day after he hosted, there was most digital content engagement around Trump since Sept. 17, the day after the second Republican debate. So it looks like if people were starting to grow weary of Trump, it might have reignited interest for many.

Overall, there were 164,781 tweets around Donald Trump. During that time, Twitter sentiment around Donald Trump was 17 percent positive, 71 percent neutral, and 12 percent negative. 52,738 of those Donald Trump tweets mentioned “Abduct,” as with Trump’s hosting SNL coincided with a UFO sighting seen across Southern California, as Twitter joked about aliens abducting the real estate mogul. But the star of the show was Larry David, as himself and as Bernie Sanders.

About 18 percent of all Donald Trump digital engagement on Nov. 8 was on content related to Larry David. Hotline Bling was another highlight, with 4 percent of content engagement surrounding the parody of Drake’s music video, with a dancing Trump.