Kohl’s dominates social TV advertising with campaign for American Music Awards

By Natan Edelsburg 

The American Music Awards, which will air on ABC on Sunday at 8 EST will include a major social TV integration with Kohl’s their sponsor. Here are the details on how Kohl’s is innovating social TV advertising by leveraging their partnership with Jennifer Lopez and the awards.

The campaign, which was covered today by Tanzina Vega of the New York Times highlights how Kohl’s is not only using this television event to get fans engaged and excited about Jennifer Lopez’s performance but to also get them excited about Black Friday. According to Vega’s article:

The campaign, called “Choose Your Own Black Friday,” shows Ms. Lopez preparing for her performance on the awards show and will let viewers useTwitter to vote in real time on the outcomes of her route to the stage. Beginning on Thursday, a social media campaign will try to build anticipation for Ms. Lopez’s adventure and draw viewers to the accompanying website, getjenniferthere.com, which will serve as an additional place where viewers can vote.

Brands can easily and simply just run TV spots during big TV tent poles but Kohl’s has proven that with creativity and the social web, business and engagement goals can both be achieved while also creating a great experience for their fans and customers. You can read the full details about the campaign here and here’s a list of members from the brand’s social team.