‘It’s Not Complicated’: AT&T’s ads top the social tv commercial chart

By Natan Edelsburg 

For last week’s edition of Bluefin Labs‘ most talked about commercials, we see that AT&T, Pepsi and Progressive are at the top of the chart. With a 191% gain week-over-week, AT&T has launched into the number one spot with its brilliant “It’s Not Complicated” ads. The buzz confirms that AT&T has a hit on its hands. The moderator of the focus group in the commercial is Beck Bennett, who has a YouTube series called “Fresh Perspectives.” Fresh Perspectives is like The Daily Show with Bennett as Jon Stewart, and kids as the correspondents. This is a great move by AT&T and creative agency BBDO Atlanta to take Bennett’s act national.


Here’s BlueFin Labs’ analysis and chart, provided exclusively for Lost Remote.

  • We measured Tweets about commercials from December 27 – January 2. The infographic displays the brands with the most talked-about commercials during this week. 
  • The top 3 most Tweeted-about brands were AT&T (11.6K), Pepsi (11K), and Progressive (5.5K). 
  • AT&T has been rising in our chart over the past few weeks, and has finally come in at #1! Viewers love their funny “It’s Not Complicated” ads featuring children, especially the one where kids sitting around a small table debate which is better: a big tree house or a small tree house. 
  • Pepsi is still milking that commercial featuring boy band One Direction and NFL star Drew Brees…and people are still Tweeting about it!
  • This week Progressive jumped into the top three, with 20 commercials that aired a total of 3,300 times and garnered 5.5K Tweets. One of their more popular commercials that had viewers laughing was the “Chick Flick” ad that parodies The Notebook, where a guy has broken down in the rain and Flo comes to rescue him. 
  • Google jumped into this week’s list with an epic year-end commercial that only aired 25 times over 2 days, yet garnered over 4K Tweets. Many people Tweeted that the ad made them cry.
  • Trojan, another brand we don’t often see in the top ten list, was #8 this week with 2.6K Tweets about their commercials. Some viewers admitted how weird it was to watch one of their ads with their parents in the same room.

Source: Bluefin Labs

The Top 10 Social TV Commercials Chart, powered by Bluefin Labs, ranks brands according to how many Tweets their TV commercials received during one week. The “Week-Over-Week % Change” compares the amount of Tweets from the previous week to the current week listed in the chart. The “# of Earned Impressions” refers to the sum of potential impressions made by Tweets about the brand’s commercials: if someone with 100 followers sends 1 Tweet, then it is counted as making 100 potential impressions.