In This Week’s Most Engaging Ads, Adobe Outshines Apple

By Adam Flomenbaum 

It’s time to take a look at the top 10 ads of the week by digital share of voice*, powered by tracks TV ads in real-time and allows customers to monitor social actions, search activity and online video views associated with TV spots across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Adidas tops the chart on the back of its all star cast and inspirational, cross-sport message which has been in rotation against ESPN and basketball programming. In the same category but down the list, Reebok is grabbing rebounds from it’s Super Bowl spot “Freak Show: Be More Human,” which climbs into the top ten after a spending burst against NBA programming and the Walking Dead, which rank among the top second-screen drivers for the brand.

The award for most digitally active TV ad during the Oscars goes to Adobe’s “25 Years of Photoshop: Dream On.”
The spot continues to pick up momentum at the Monday cut-off for this chart, as will others premiering yesterday. Before you get excited about Adobe outperforming Apple’s new commercial debut, which generated over a million views and 12,000 social actions after appearing once during the Oscars, consider that Adobe also made appearances against Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live in five strategic airings national airings. Finally, a special mention goes out to Swipe Dat by TruTv which leveraged the Grammys and under 900 airings to generate more than 2million views and 75 social actions.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Take It

3.92% Digital SOV  3,952,192 Online Views  60,315 Social Actions

2. 25 Years of Photoshop: Dream On

3.89% Digital SOV  1,305,319 Online Views  86,390 Social Actions

3. Left Swipe Dat

1.63% Digital SOV  1,576,715 Online Views  25,230 Social Actions

4. From Where I Sit

1.60% Digital SOV  6,124 Online Views  40,858 Social Actions

5. Friends Furever

1.31% Digital SOV  1,105,834 Online Views  22,108 Social Actions

6. Narwhals

1.11% Digital SOV  3,935 Online Views  27,881 Social Actions

7. Freak Show: Be More Human

1.10% Digital SOV  1,778,680 Online Views  10,106 Social Actions

8. Super Bowl Apology

1.09% Digital SOV  31,192 Online Views  27,697 Social Actions

9. The Brady Bunch

1.06% Digital SOV  202,401 Online Views  25,047 Social Actions

10. Ready When You Are

0.97% Digital SOV  2,085,328 Online Views  3,709 Social Actions

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