How Turner's using social TV for the PGA Championship

By Natan Edelsburg 

The Olympics isn’t the only major sporting event taking place this summer. This Thursday, Turner Sports begins airing coverage of the PGA Championship, one of Golf’s biggest events. The TV company has launched a social TV strategy to give fans a great opportunity than ever before to interact with the 18 hours of exclusive live coverage that will be on TNT.

This will be the 22nd consecutive year that Turner will be airing the PGA Championship. Social has become the major outlet that they’re using to innovate the way they capture the games. According to their announcement “ will debut Social Caddy, a social destination for the PGA Championship including integration with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.” Additionally, “Social Caddy (above) will combine live action updates of the event with a social leaderboard capturing trending topics, top trending players and an aggregated stream of social media conversation associated with the event.”

Lost Remote has learned that they will also be encouraging Get Glue check-ins (there will be stickers), and tweeting and your favorite players using #PGAChamp. Their blog will also be providing editorial coverage from the course and Instagram photos that offer fans an inside look to the tournament.

In addition to a Pinterest and Google+ strategy they will be working with Viddy, the social video startup. “An alligator meandering across the No. 7 fairway at the Ocean Course is no urban myth and @PGAcom will be using Viddy to share a story about the anticipating alligator sightings during the PGA Championship,” they said in their release. “These daily video snippets will be shared exclusively from @PGA_COM,” they added. This partnership is big for Viddy as they show how they can be more than just an Instagram for video and be a great platform for helping TV grow on social.

As always, you’ll be able to watch live video online and via the PGA iPhone app.