How to Watch the Emmy Monologue in 360 Degrees

By Steve Safran 

Facebook has Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue from Sunday’s Emmy Awards show available for 360-degree viewing now. The camera was positioned just below stage, so you get a good view of both the stage and the audience. There is also a short 360-degree video from before the show of the Red Carpet, but it’s not great. Before you can watch, you need to make sure you’re using a compatible browser or mobile device:

ON A COMPUTER: You’ll need the latest versions of the Chrome or Firefox browser. Forget about using Safari, Mac users.

ON A MOBILE DEVICE: Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app. This is compatible with Samsung Gear VR equipment.


The videos are embedded below. If you’re having trouble with the embeds, here are the links to the monologue and the Red Carpet video.

Here’s the monologue:

And here, from earlier Sunday, is the Red Carpet video: