‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Tops Monday’s Twitter Ratings

By Jordan Chariton 

HIMYMWe covered CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother’s” social TV legacy before its series finale Monday, and social fans gravitated around the farewell episode in a big way.

According to Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings, the “HIMYM” series finale, whose ending polarized fans across social media, was the most social show amongst all of cable and broadcast on Monday. A Twitter TV audience of 6.47 million people saw over 624,000 Tweets revolving around Monday’s broadcast, generating 70 million impressions.

The show’s finale also boosted its show page on CBS.com. The “HIMYM” page reached an all-time high in total streams on Tuesday, the day after the finale.

The show page featured several social elements leading up to the series finale, including a #HIMYMFanFarewell interaction with fans, asking them to send their farewell messages via Facebook, Twitter, Vine.