How Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Esurance Won Super Bowl XLVIII

By Adam Flomenbaum 

budweiser-super-bowl-2014-teaser-zipper-ft-arnold-schwarzenegger-large-5While the social conversation surrounding the Super Bowl was largely about the game itself  (despite a historic blowout ), viewers were most excited about Bruno Mars’s halftime performance and the commercials between the action. Below are three unique ways that agencies and analytics platform companies measured last night’s conversation.

Poptip, a platform that analyzes and synthesizes social conversation in real-time, measured the conversation about commercials by ‘tweets per minute,’ or, TPM*. The company found that four out of the top five brands who received the most pre-game mentions released their commercials before game day. A 30-second spot cost advertisers $4 million this year, but this did not hold Budweiser or Doritos back from running multiple ads.

Still, only four out of ten brands with the highest average TPM ran more than one commercial. Of one-commercial brands, Esurance was the clear winner: Esurance and their #EsuranceSave30 cash giveaway beat out all other advertisers for the highest sustained conversation volume in terms of average TPM.

Top Ranked Advertisers by Average Tweets Per Minute

1.       Esurance, Average TPM: 1,360

2.       Coca-Cola, Average TPM: 76

3.       Budweiser, Average TPM: 47

4.       Doritos, Average TPM: 32

5.       Ford, Average TPM: 20

6.       Bud Light, Average TPM: 18

7.       Pepsi, Average TPM: 18

8.       H&M, Average TPM: 17

9.       RadioShack, Average TPM: 14

10.   Cheerios, Average TPM: 12

*In-Game advertisers were ranked by average TPM for the purpose of analyzing which advertisers sustained consistent momentum throughout the entirety of the game. The average TPM is the average volume across the brand Twitter handle, brand name, and campaign specific hashtag.

iSpot.TV, who heading into the Super Bowl, created an advertiser pre-rankings list, crunched last night’s data according to their ‘SpotShare’ formula. Leading up to the game, Kia and Beats Audio were favorites while Budweiser was in sixth place. After last night, though, it is clear that Budweiser is the biggest winner among brands. Its spots have garnered almost 68 million online video views, with 20 million coming yesterday.  Budweiser also drove more than a third of advertiser social activity, with 1.3 million social interactions about its ads.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 4.58.17 PM

MWW took a different approach to game data. They measured Broncos and Seahawks fan sentiment over the course of the contest. MWW’s infographic proves that the Seahawks did not need to be playing at CenturyLink field for their ’12th man’ to take over. From the onset, Seattle fans were more active than Denver fans on Twitter. For obvious reasons, they were also enjoying the game more. It appears as though Denver fans gave up hope about midway through the 2nd quarter, but were able to enjoy the Bruno Mars performance.