How a Sharknado of buzz helped SyFy connect with brands on social

By Natan Edelsburg 

The social TV phenomenon of Sharknado continues to impress. A sequel is in the works as the industry watches SyFy’s made for TV movie make social media history. An interesting result of this trending TV event was how brands also chimed in with viewers and consumers. Not only did SyFy capture the world’s attention with Sharknado but they were able to connect with brands via social because of the success. 

Sharknado become such a social TV success that the network even adjusted the movie’s website to include a link to a Sharknado RebelMouse page that the platform had put together after seeing the 5,000 tweets per/minute take off. 

The day after Twitter Data put together the following chart to show the success:

SyFy is now not only able to have a wider network to promote their programming too (like Defiance and many great others) but they were able to even connect with major brands proving that social has an impact on sales and the brands that make TV possible. Unmetric, the social benchmarking company that provides, “not-so-obvious competitive intelligence on over 10,000 brands across 30 sectors,” provided Lost Remote with a look at the brands that were also swept away by Sharknado.

The list of brands that participated is pretty amazing. Here are some of the bigger ones:

Brand name Permalink to post about Sharknado on Facbeook Text of the post about Sharknado
NFL BeastQuake >> Sharknado
Fisher-Price You know you’re a parent when your home constantly looks like a #Sharknado went through it.
Arizona Cardinals You may have heard of Sharknado but you haven’t seen anything yet. Cardnado – ENOUGH SAID!SHARE with all Cardinals fans!
Ford Racing What’s the best vehicle to battle through flooded streets and flying sharks? We’re a little biased but….. #Sharknado
XFINITY Get in on the fun. Syfy’s original movie SHARKNADO is now available on your TV with XFINITY On Demand! We repeat, SHARKANDO is now available.
AXE Is everyone OK???? DROP A LIKE IF YOU SURVIVED #SHARKNADO (^^^) -Rocky & Law with AXE
XFINITY Have some B-movie type fun this afternoon by watching SHARKNADO, the Syfy original movie and pop culture phenomenon. It’s available now on your TV with XFINITY On Demand._x000D_
How can you beat lines like this: \Instead of letting live sharks rain down on people
Denver International Airport We weren’t going to share this photo – taken after the tornado at DIA last month – but now the world knows about #Sharknado
Ohio State Buckeyes Well if you survived #SharkNado last night, then you deserve to treat yourself to some real cinema this weekend —– >_x000D_
Catch The Sandlot tomorrow night under a beautiful summer Saturday sky at Bill Davis Stadium. _x000D_
Gates open 7pm, movie at 9. $5 admission benefits Team Buckeye
DirecTV Sharknado! Yes or no, did you watch last night on Syfy?What should they call the sequel? Or if they move onto to other animals, like \Wolfcano\”? Share your thoughts below!”
XFINITY Did you love SHARKNADO? What is the next great idea for a Syfy movie?
Hulu In SyFy’s ongoing attempt to bring the world the finest cinema ever created, Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you this sneak peek from \Sharknado.\” Starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid
Do Something We can’t let another Sharknado happen._x000D_
The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a shark is a good guy with a shark._x000D_
Sign this petition to tell President Obama to give a shark to every man, woman, and child, it’s our Constitutional RIGHT to protect ourselves (from SHARKS):
Seamless The #Sharknado is no match for our delivery people.
Cox Communications SHARKNADO! Tonight on Syfy. Enough said. this photo in the comments below.
Seattle Sounders FC Zach Scott’s take on the #Sharknado phenomenon, Eddie Johnson’s social rank and a look at the latest brand-less Roma kit we’ll see at #MLSAllStar – all in the latest \Sound Off\”.
Cox Communications SHARKNADO! Tonight on Syfy. Enough said. this photo in the comments below.
MSN Did you experience Syfy’s epic ‘Sharknado’ last night? The #sharknado hastag took Twitter by storm. Well, if you missed it, here’s the trailer.
Hulu Hey Syfy, Jimmy Kimmel sees your \Sharknado\” and raises with \”Shark vs. Jesus.\” Your move.”
Myspace Missed Sharknado last night? We watched the most ridiculous TV movie of all time so you don’t have to: _x000D_
Bing In the event of a Sharknado don’t panic—unless your cable is broken.
Chevys Fresh Mex Fear not: Chevys is a @Sharknado free zone.
GrubHub Oh, look, here’s us jumping the shark. #Reactionary #Sharknado
Verizon FiOS Syfy’s Sharknado may just be one of the best worst movies ever – and we can’t wait. Take a look:
TiVo Sharknado took the TV nation by storm last night. Were you tuned in?
Stew Leonard’s Clover the Cow is very disappointed that she didn’t stay up last night to watch #SharkNado! Did any of our shoppers see it? Was it really THAT bad…?
Airbnb Inspired by #Sharknado, take refuge for the night in this yellow mini-school bus in Keaau, HI.
Blockbuster Sharknado just premiered on SyFy last night, so we don’t have it to rent yet, but we CANNOT WAIT until we do. The trailer is just… wow…