'Gosh, I hope it doesn't make it on YouTube'

By Cory Bergman 

That’s what KCBS reporter Serene Branson told her friend the day after her bizarre, slurring Grammy live shot. But by that time, it was rocketing all over YouTube and entertainment blogs, and soon, the national media, with speculation that she had a stroke.

Branson appeared on the CBS Early Show this morning (video) to talk about her experience, which was diagnosed as a migraine aura — somewhat like a stroke, but less serious. “They sat me down immediately. I dropped the microphone. Right after that, my cheek went numb, my hand went numb, my right hand went numb and I started to cry. I was scared. I didn’t know what had gone on and I was embarrassed and fearful,” she said.

As you might imagine, Branson says she was “troubled” by the viral video, which quickly became one of the most-shared YouTube moments in local TV. The clip that was linked the most has since been removed “due to a copyright claim by CBS.” But as always, there are plenty more versions of the clip popping up all over the place.

Yesterday, Branson returned to the KCBS newsroom to hugs from her co-workers — with cameras rolling, of course (photos.) Doctors say it was likely an isolated incident, one that illustrates that an unusual moment on local TV these days can become a national event, whether you like it or not.