Google Integrates Search and Rentrak Data into Adometry TV Attribution Product

By Adam Flomenbaum Comment

Nearly four out of five people are distracted while watching TV, but only a fifth of these people are taking social actions. The rest of the people are browsing the checking email or browsing the web. This last group is who Google is trying to help marketers better understand.

Google introduced Adometry TV Attribution last year to help marketers better understand online actions taken by people as a result of watching TV. Last month, Google added to this offering by integrating its search data along with Rentrak airings data.

“TV attribution,”  Google Product Manager Dave Barney wrote, “lets you analyze minute-by-minute aggregated Google Search query data against spot-related keywords to detect and attribute search “micro-conversions” to specific TV airings.”

The new feature will allow brands to:

  • Assess Immediate Influence: See which messages are sticking in the minds of consumers to both maximize TV interest and choose ideal keywords for SEO and paid search strategies.
  • Evaluate Awareness Goals: Optimize against a digital signal even when a site visit isn’t the primary goal, such as in brand awareness or sponsorship campaigns.
  • Analyze Competitive Category: Glean which generic keywords drive category interest for the industry — a type of insights not possible through site traffic analysis alone.

The partnership with Rentrak will allow brands to see more specific data about when and where their spots aired. This, in turn, will give brands the ability to better match digital activity with linear advertising.